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PUMA is one of the world’s leading sports brands, designing, developing, selling and marketing footwear, apparel and accessories. For 70 years, PUMA has relentlessly pushed sport and culture forward by creating fast products for the world’s fastest athletes. PUMA offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as Football, Running and Training, Basketball, Golf, and Motorsports. It collaborates with renowned designers and brands to bring sport influences into street culture and fashion. The PUMA Group owns the brands PUMA, Cobra Golf and Dobotex. The company distributes its products in more than 120 countries, employs more than 13,000 people worldwide, and is headquartered in Herzogenaurach/Germany. For more information...


EA Sports

Since few years ago, EA SPORTS FIFA has become the number one franchise in the sports video game industry. Always link to football and sharing the same values of LaLiga, from now on it will be the only football simulator videogame that will enjoy an exclusive agreement with LaLiga.



Mahou, the most awarded Spanish beer range in the world, is a beer family born in Amaniel Street in Madrid in 1890. As a result of the work of master brewers who, for more than 130 years, have been seeking to share flavors and gatherings around them. Experience, passion and quality have driven Mahou to continue growing and innovating, to offer consumers a wide portfolio of brands such as Mahou Cinco Estrellas, Mahou Clásica, Mahou 0,0 Tostada, Mahou Maestra, Mahou Cinco Estrellas Session IPA, Mahou Barrica, Mahou Sin Gluten, Mahou Cinco Estrellas Radler, or Casimiro. 

Historically, Mahou Cinco Estrellas has always supported football and its fans, enjoying with them in every match and promoting gatherings around football to enjoy this shared passion. In order to maximize the common forces with LaLiga, an international agreement has been developed that encompasses the entire Mahou San Miguel company and reinforces the support for our soccer and its power of social transformation, the strength and potential of LaLiga, as well as the shared values between both organizations.




BKT is a leading Off-Highway tire manufacturer focusing on agricultural, construction and industrial machinery as well as earthmoving, port and mining, ATV and gardening vehicles. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has subsidiaries in Italy, in the USA and in Canada, and employs more than 7,000 people worldwide.

BKT products are sold in over 160 countries worldwide through a network of national distributors. As a global specialty tire supplier, BKT’s strength lies in its extensive tire lineup of over 2,700 products. The company is committed to offering quality solutions that are able to satisfy the most demanding user needs in addition to value added services.

BKT aims at further enhancing both equipment performance and efficiency enabling users to be highly competitive within their sector.

Consistent investment into Research & Development is a hallmark and part of the corporate philosophy.

Not only products. The BKT brand is based on a totality of essential elements: quality, technology, innovation, service, but also care for the community, for the environment, for people’s future.

Discovering the philosophy of BKT is a real journey that leads to the company’s Indian roots. Not only are these ever present, but they are BKT’s drive in terms of their CSR policy. Thanks to the giving-back principle, the group continues to thank and to give back – particularly to India – as much as possible from what it has received. It does this by facing topics of human solidarity, social development, and environmental responsibility.

BKT is aware about its environmental footprint and fully committed to reducing it and being a good example to be followed: among the many acknowledgements and certifications, BKT has received for three years in a row the National Energy Conservation and Sustainability Award conferred by the Indian President to companies that distinguish by managing natural resources. This happened thanks to the fact that 50% of the BKT production in Northern India is met by wind energy.

When it comes to charity, BKT operates through the BKT Foundation that sustains projects and initiatives of different nature and origin. This includes the health sector and supporting the essential right to study. The purpose is to ensure education to underprivileged children, rescuing them from the streets, and taking them to school. In cooperation with the Government of India, a remarkable school canteen program has been implemented providing food to over 1.4 million children at 10.000 schools located throughout ten Indian states to fight against hunger and malnutrition. BKT activated numerous charity events and initiatives all over the world. As multinational group, it feels the urge to intervene globally, not only in India, and to take care of every single community.

BKT is also renown for its commitment in the sport world. Many are the sporting events that the multinational group from India supports and follows actively all over the world. Whether it is about cricket, football, or the amazing stunts at Monster Jam – BKT loves sport because it fully reflects its corporate philosophy: the joy of achieving goals, the feeling of satisfaction and content when being rewarded for all efforts and sacrifices, the ability of hitting new records aiming at always higher and greater ambitions.

Welcome to the BKT world - far more than tires!



Founded in 2018, Sorare was created by football fans for football fans. Through NFT collectibles and its global fantasy football, the company is on a mission to become ‘the game within the game’.

Sorare is transforming online sports fandom and giving its community a new way to connect to the clubs and players that they love.  LaLiga fans, collectors and fantasy football players are now able to freely trade and play with digital cards of players from LaLiga. 

Sorare’s mission is to build “the game within the game” and to give fans the platform to celebrate, share and own their football passion.

On Sorare, fans can earn weekly prizes, from new cards, to money can't buy experiences like going to a LaLiga game and watching it with a Legend. 

For more information: https://sorare.com/laliga



TVM INC. is a global leader in the metaverse industry.

The world is rapidly changing and the digital world has now become an inseparable part of our lives. With the new world at our doorsteps, TVM Inc. envisions being a pioneer in the new-coming world by building a new universe, a TVM's TRIVERSE.

The business philosophy of our metaverse is a user-driven self-sustaining economy: for the users, by the users, and to the users. It will be a user-oriented digital world.

A metaverse platform configured around blockchain technology, TVM’s Triverse is designed to provide a platform, a world, for the users to roam around and live the life they always wanted. We seek to create a world where your dreams come to life.

Our goal is simple.

To set ourselves as a leader of SPORTS METAVERSE.

To create an Augmented and Virtual world more real than the one we live in.

To create a reality perfectly in harmony and sync with Augmented and Virtual reality, aided by Artificial Intelligence.



Socios.com, the global leader in blockchain solutions for the sports and entertainment industry, is the platform redefining the way sports organisations connect and engage with their local and global fan bases through Fan Tokens.Fan Tokens are digital assets that enable sporting organizations to provide their fans with an innovative membership service that grants them official recognition and an active role to play regardless of where in the world they are based. For the first time ever, fans can take part in decision-making processes by voting in binding polls while enjoying exclusive discounts and rewards and opting to win unique rewards and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

Over 100 sporting organizations across 25 countries and nine different sports are already leaning on Socios.com’s cutting-edge blockchain technology to enhance the experience of their fans. Roster includes football giants FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Juventus, Arsenal and Atlético de Madrid but also Formula 1 teams, esports clubs and NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS franchises. In 2021, these organizations launched over 300 Fan Polls on the Socios.com app and rewarded 5,000 fans with official merchandise, tickets, VIP experiences and other exclusive rewards.


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Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) impulsa la transformación digital para la era de la nube inteligente y el?Intelligent?Edge. Su misión es ayudar a cada persona y a cada organización en el planeta a hacer más en su día a día.?