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D?n snh ?i?u li?u ?? bi?t b? t? v?ng ti?ng Anh v? ch? ?? th?i trang ny ch?a?

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Sau ??y l t?ng h?p cc bi vi?t Xu h??ng th?i trang ti?ng anh h?u ch nh?t ???c t?ng h?p

Ch? ?? ???c gi?i tr? quan t?m nhi?u nh?t hi?n nay l th?i trang. D nam hay n?, m?i khi ra ???ng, h? ??u mu?n khoc ln mnh nh?ng b? o ??p nh?t, mang ??y dng v? t? tin. ?? gip b?n b?t k?p xu h??ng th?i trang trn th? gi?i, Edu2Review xin gi?i thi?u v?i cc b?n b? t? v?ng ti?ng Anh v? ch? ?? th?i trang.

T? v?ng v? cc lo?i o

Ti?ng Anh

Ti?ng Vi?t


o di tay, th??ng b?ng len


o di tay, th??ng b?ng v?i cotton


o khoc cardigan

tank top

o ba l?


o ph?ng


o s? mi, c c?, hng cc pha tr??c


o khoc ng?n


o khoc

trench coat

o khoc dng di, r?ng, c th?t l?ng


o khoc kh?ng tay




o khoc blazer

Cc thi?t k? th?i trang lu?n g?y ?n t??ng m?nh v?i gi?i tr?Cc thi?t k? th?i trang lu?n g?y ?n t??ng m?nh v?i gi?i tr? (Ngu?n: the indian express)

T? v?ng v? cc lo?i qu?n

Ti?ng Anh

Ti?ng Vi?t


qu?n b

cargo pants

qu?n c ti h?p

dress pants

qu?n ?u


qu?n ?i


qu?n v?i m?ng, nh?


ch?n vy

T? v?ng v? cc lo?i giy v ph? ki?n

Ti?ng Anh

Ti?ng Vi?t


cc lo?i giy


dp sandal


giy sneakers


giy b?t

(high) heels

giy cao gt


dp ?i trong nh


giy boots

rain boots

?ng ?i m?a


m? ??i ??u


m? l??i trai


knh r?m


c v?t

bow tie

n? con b??m


kh?n qung


th?t l?ng



T? v?ng ti?ng Anh dnh cho cc tn ?? th?i trang (Ngu?n: YouTube – New Model for Learning English)

C?m t? ti?ng Anh ???c s? d?ng nhi?u trong l?nh v?c th?i trang

Ti?ng Anh

Ti?ng Vi?t

a slave to fashion

(ngh?a ?en) n? l? th?i trang; (ngh?a bng) nh?ng ng??i lu?n b? m ?nh b?i chuy?n ?n m?c h?p th?i trang v ch?y theo xu h??ng

casual clothes

trang ph?c bnh th??ng

classic style

phong cch ??n gi?n/c? ?i?n

designer label

nh?n hng thi?t k? (th??ng ?? ni v? m?t nh m?t/c?ng ty th?i trang cao c?p v ??t ti?n)

fashion house

nh m?t (bn cc thi?t k? m?i ??t ti?n)

fashion icon

bi?u t??ng th?i trang

fashion show

bu?i bi?u di?n th?i trang


th?i trang, h?p m?t


qu?n o c? c?a anh ho?c ch? nh??ng l?i cho em m?c

must-have item

mn ?? th?i trang c?n ph?i c

off the peg

?? may s?n

old fashioned

l?i m?t

on the catwalk

trn sn di?n th?i trang

smart clothes

trang ph?c thanh l?ch

the height of fashion

r?t h?p th?i trang

to be on trend

c?p nh?t xu h??ng

to dress for the occasion

?n m?c ph h?p hon c?nh

to dress to kill

?n m?c r?t c s?c ht

to get dressed up

?n v?n ch?nh t? (?? ?i ??n m?t s? ki?n no ?)

to go out of fashion

l?i m?t

to have a sense of style

c gu ?n m?c

to have an eye for (fashion)

c m?t th?m m? (v? th?i trang)

to keep up with the latest fashion

b?t k?p xu h??ng th?i trang m?i nh?t

to look good in

m?c vo th?y ??p

to mix and match

ph?i ??, k?t nh?ng trang ph?c kh?ng ph?i l m?t b? v?i nhau

to suit someone

h?p, v?a v?n v?i ai ?

to take pride in ones appearance

ch ? t?i v? b? ngoi

vintage clothes

trang ph?c c? ?i?n


?n m?c ??p

Th?i trang lu?n gip b?n c thm t? tin m?i khi ra ph?Th?i trang lu?n gip b?n c thm t? tin m?i khi ra ph? (Ngu?n: rd)

Nh?ng tnh t? th??ng dng trong ch? ?? th?i trang

Ti?ng Anh

Ti?ng Vi?t

Stylish/ fashion

Th?i trang, h?p th?i trang, h?p m?t


cng ngh?a v?i fashionable or stylish nh?ng ???c dng v?i ngh?a trang tr?ng h?n


m?i nh?t

In = popular, fashionable

ph? bi?n, th?i trang (t? rt g?n c?a in style)


xu h??ng, khuynh h??ng th?i trang ph? bi?n m m?i ng??i ai c?ng m?c

Hot = want, everybody has to have it

mu?n, m?i ng??i ??u c n

Must – have

ci g ? m ch?c ch?n m?i ng??i ph?i c

Essential = necessary, important, you must have it

thi?t y?u, quan tr?ng, b?n ph?i c n


?? c? nh?ng ch?t l??ng v?n cn t?t v c gi tr?, c th? l trang ph?c ?? b? lm mn, c? b?i m?t ai ?

Iconic = famous, memorable, representing a certain time and place

r?t n?i ti?ng, mang tnh bi?u t??ng


b?t di?t, v??t th?i gian

Classic = traditional, always fashionable/ stylish, popular for a long time

c? ?i?n, lu?n h?p th?i trang, ph? bi?n trong m?t kho?ng th?i gian di

?? kh?ng b? l?i m?t, b?n h?y thu?c lng ngay b? t? v?ng ti?ng Anh v? ch? ?? th?i trang trn nh. ??ng qun gh th?m Edu2Review m?i ngy ?? c?p nh?t thm nh?ng th?ng tin ti?ng Anh b? ch, gip n?ng trnh ti?ng Anh cho b?n!

B?ng x?p h?ng trung t?mTi?ng Anh t?i Vi?t Nam

Hi?u L? (T?ng h?p)

Ngu?n ?nh cover: Midium

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